Week 5: Dying on the Mike McCarthy Hill

October 9th, 2018 · 1 hr 24 mins

About this Episode

If you're a fan of Mike McCarthy, any kicker not named Sebastian Janikowski, the Packers stock ownership program, Jimmy Butler & Tom Thibodeau, or healthy ACLs consider this your trigger warning, because Chad from Oshkosh is leading us head first into our most explosive episode yet. Crack open a cold one as the Evil Commissioner accuses of collusion, we 'Play Doctor' for each others teams, and we have fun with an off-topic NFL Q&A session.


  • The Bar - 0:13
  • Play Doctor - 23:35
  • Commissioners Corner - 45:50
  • KOTN Q&A - 49:36
  • Outro and Review of the Week - 1:13:46

Manning Congratulates Brees
Deions bad hair plugs

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