Week 7: The Gang Finds Themselves in Jeopardy

October 26th, 2018 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Purple Moses joins the KOTN Gang with a bottle of kosher vino and three stone tablets full of sports knowledge and hot takes! He makes his aliyah on the Vikings dominant victory over the New York Football Jets before we put him to test with two games; The NFC North Dating Game and a round of Rhobs brutally difficult NFC North Jeopardy. Will he prevail and reach the promised land, or is it forty years in the desert for him? Also, Bjorn Bjornsons Bjulletin Bjoard tells us that the Lions might be good but the Bears definitely aren't and The Beefcake makes up a new phrase, "Coaster Wine". What a moron.


  • Guest Intro and other nonsense- 0:08
  • Review of the week - 4:30
  • Game recaps - 6:00
  • Bjorn Bjornsons Bjulletin Bjoard - 17:52
  • NFC North Dating Game - 33:52
  • Commissioners Corner - 43:40
  • NFC North Jeaopardy - 46:32
  • Next Weeks Predictions (NFC North is on the hotseat) and the Outro - 1:03:05

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