Week 8: Chad from Oshkosh

November 1st, 2017 · 1 hr 26 mins

About this Episode

With the Vikings yawning their way to an easy victory in London and the Packers on their bye week the boys need an in studio guest to help bring the fun. With Hammsburglar locked away in the slammer for crimes against humanity we have turned to is estranged son, Chad from Oshkosh, one of the Wisconsin football systems roughest gems. You will most definitely want to check in for our most PG-13 Four Down Territory yet, Most Attractive Male Athletes. Parents, put your kids to bed before this segment because it is going to get steamy!


  • The Water Cooler
  • The Bar
  • Four Down Territory - Most Attractive Male Athletes
  • Memory Lane - Packers 1997-1998 Superbowl Loss

Shirtless Adrian Peterson Running
Kevin Love
Blake Griffen (semi-NSFW)

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