Week 9: Professor Pigskin EXPOSED

November 7th, 2018 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

It's a family affair on this week's KOTN as Professor Pigskin's brainy sister joins the gang as they diagnose the NFC North's various ailments! Plus things get political as we discuss what athletes would make the best president!

WARNING: There is a weird audio-distortion that takes place around the 31 minute mark and lasts until about 37:45. You can pretend it's some cool voice modulation effect if you want, but really we just fucked up. Sorry!


  • Intros and other nonsense - 0:15
  • Game reviews and 'Playing Doctor' - 2:40
  • Commissioners Corner - 28:10
  • Gazing into the Crystal Ball - 30:40
  • Four Down Territory; Athletes for President - 49:28
  • Review of the Week - 1:10:28
  • Next Weeks Predictions - 1:12:30

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