Week 1: Rodgers puts Da Bears on the endangered species list

September 13th, 2018 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

This week Da Polish Sausage, our Bears correspondent, joins us live in studio to get mercilessly taunted for losing to a one legged QB, things get contentious between Beefcake and Professor Pigskin as they look ahead to the Week 2 Vikings vs Packers match up, hot takes are posted on Bjorn Bjornsons Bjulletin Bjoard, and Professor eats some crow regarding Danica Patrick. All this, and a special Four Down Territory where we discuss the players we wish could have played for our teams. Did Beefcake draft Randy Moss? Tune in and find out!

Just kidding, of course he didn't.


  • The Bar - 0:45
  • Bjorn Bjornsons Bjulletin Bjoard - 14:47
  • The Commissioners Corner - 29:06
  • Four Down Territory - 35:40
  • Next weeks picks - 56:45

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