Week 2: Kissing Your Co-Host

September 18th, 2018 · 48 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

A tie?! What the hell is that?! Professor and Beefcake take solace in each others mediocrity while discussing whose pocket the refs are really in (probably their own). We hear from our Kicking Correspondent, Square Toe, on the state of the Vikings kicking game (spoiler: it sucks). The Evil Commissioner calls in to discuss yet another tie between Beefcake and The Professor, and Rhob leads a game of 'Real or Fake News', which couldn't possibly end in a tie, could it?! All this, and the consummation of a bet with a sweaty, passionate kiss between Professor and The Beefcake. Do NOT miss our sultriest episode to date!


  • The Bar - 0:00
  • Commissioners Corner - 25:58
  • Real or Fake News - 31:15
  • Outro, Picks, and 'The Kiss' - 41:33

* Look at Lovie Smiths Beard!!!!!

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